Insanely Low Fee Schwab Funds That Even Beat Vanguard Funds In Fees

Instantly access our 19 best low Fee SCHWAB FUnds that Help you create a well diversified portfolio

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • curated list of 19 Schwab funds that track key asset classes so you don't spend hours searching
  • Schwab funds with annual fees as low as $3 per $10,000 invested so you grow your wealth, not the fund manager
  • Schwab funds that let you track bonds, real estate, small cap stocks, large cap stocks & even protect you from inflation
  • highly liquid low fee funds so you don't face price risk

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Riaz Majid

“The 19 ‘Insanely Low Fee Schwab Fund List ’ allows you to create a well diversified portfolio from some of the lowest fee funds available that track key asset classes. You can instantly hone in on the right funds without spending hours to create a diversified portfolio for your needs. You will find this list eye opening since Schwab doesn't advertise these funds.”

Riaz Majid, CTO, YourCapital

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