Best Stock Picks of Superstar Manager Leon Cooperman

Instantly Access 24 Stocks PICKS Of THE Highly LEGENDARY COOPERMAN

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  • 24 stock picks of famous Leon Cooperman so you instantly see where smart money is invested
  • only Cooperman's high conviction stocks (based on % portfolio invested by managers) so you don't spend time on stocks that matter less
  • stocks from different stock sectors so you can achieve portfolio diversification
24 Stock Picks From Leon Cooperman

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Riaz Majid

“The 24 ‘Best Leon Cooperman's Stock Picks List’ has been culled from the latest 13F filings. Cooperman is a legend with a long history of market outperformance and $3.4Bn in AUM. His stock picks will give you a good starting point for your own portfolio.You will find this list highly essential.”

Riaz Majid, CTO

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